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Find Out What Other School Principals Are Buying for re-opening?

Our child friendly covid school signage has been very well received by school management, teachers and school principals. The bright vibrant colours and soft messaging is far less harsh than the current yellow and black signage seen everywhere. As this is new territory and very little specific direction we've found schools concerned as to what they require. In our blog we've highlighted the most popular purchases by principals so far along with what school covid signage we recommend to follow the guidelines and keep all staff, visitors and pupils as safe as possible.

You can contact us directly 01862 3852 or SHOP ONLINE

For those interested in purchasing Schools Covid guideline signage in preparation for the schools to reopen it is recommended to get the orders in as soon as possible. As many of these orders contain outdoor graphics which need to be applied on a dry warm day it is vital that sufficient time is given in order for the graphics to be placed in time for the beginning of the school term.

1. Welcome Back to School Social Distancing Gate Signage - Design #02.

This banner is highly sought after by all school types; pre-school, creche, junior school, senior national schools. There is an option for slight changes to be made in order to personalize this banner for each specific school and covid guidelines. The bright coloring and child friendly graphics allow social distancing to be explained in a manner suitable for school children of all ages.

This comes in a range of sizes from 6ft x 2ft to 8ft x 4ft and a choice of material.

Prices start from €49 excluding VAT.

2. Social Distancing Traffic Management School Gate signage 06/07/08/09.

These signs are available in a variety of designs and are highly versatile regarding positioning. It is important to inform all visitors and members of the school of the new procedures due to covid, this allows schools to highlight any changes made.They can be fixed to walls, railings or wooden posts. These are also subject to changes depending on the schools individual preference.

The signs are available in two standard sizes: 4ft x 3ft and 3ft x 2ft.

These signs start from €35 excluding VAT.

These signs and other products offered will be available in Irish in the coming days.


1. Reception Glass - Social Distancing Icons.

We have had many questions in relation to informing guests about covid guidelines and procedures for the school. We provide reception glass school signage which details all social distancing and mask wearing procedures that are being implemented by each school.

These are available in a range of colors and can be easily removed and applied to a range of surfaces. Instructions for application are supplied.

Price €14.99 excluding VAT.

2. Social Distancing Door/Glass/Wall Stickers.

They are highly versatile and can be used on multiple surfaces. We recommend them for school communal areas in the such as libraries, staff rooms, resource rooms, canteens to abide by government covid regulations. As an employer schools are expected to ensure staff are made aware of social distancing and recommendations.

These are easily removable and will not leave marks on areas. They can be customized to suit the needs of each school.

These are available individually at €6.99 or in a bundle deal 10 for €39.99.

3. Teachers Desk Child Exclusion Zone Floor Stickers.

In order to best protect teachers and children at Junior Schools in regards covid social distancing we would recommend the use of our fun animated floor graphics to create an exclusion zone x 2m around the teachers desk. Children can be directed to stand on specific 'tree stump' while communicating with the teacher. It allows the teacher to ensure their personal space is maintained whilst making it fun for the children. Chilldren will be more compliant if its engaging at their level. They are all anti-slip to further ensure safety.

These are available in a variety of designs at €59.99 each.

4. Grounds Social Distancing Signage for Pick up & Collections

These graphics are a key element in creating a safe and clear environment for children and parents in relation to safe social distancing and Covid guidelines. Instructions are provided for application. These signs are highly visible and available in a variety of colors. The schools can request their own logo or crest to be added to the social distance graphics by contacting us on: 018623852. They are suitable for carpets and outdoor surfaces and are guaranteed anti-slip.

We offer a range of designs all customizable

Two part set available for €45.

5. Stairwell 2 Step Social Distancing Guidance Signs.

This recommendation is most suited to teachers, adult visitors and senior pupils in mainstream schools. The highly visual aid reminds user to ensure adequate social distance space is given on stairwells and to avoid groups gathering on the stairs. This sign allows the children to better understand the space they need to give others, simplifying it to steps instead of measurements.

This sign is available in a range of colors and sizes at €39.99 a piece.

6. Schools Covid Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

High quality touch free hand sanitizer dispenser. Ideal for schools to ensure hygiene guidelines are adhered to. Highly economical as no specific sanitizer is needed. Refillable. Instructions given on how to use the product efficiently.

Price is €199, including free customization or branding.



1. What are the most common items schools are purchasing?

As outlined in this blog the most popular items are the 02 Welcome banner, the gate signage and the social distancing stickers/glass icons.

2. Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver with a third party delivery service. Our delivery charge is €10. The average delivery time is 24-48 hours on average however if significant changes are being made this may take longer.

3. Do you install?

We provide an installation service primarily in the Leinster region, the installation costs €100 and is subject to a waiting list.

4. Can we personalize;

a) text on our orders? b) a school crest on our orders?

Yes you can custom text to a specific message and also add your crest - call 018623852 to place your order. Slight changes can be made free of charge however substantial changes such as changing of graphics will have a minimum cost of €25.

5. Are the banners weatherproof?

All our outdoor items are weatherproof/rainproof however we recommend bringing the banners inside during highly strong winds if they are connected using eyelets as they may tear.

6. Directional arrows -do we need to buy them from a signage company?

Many schools are inquiring about the arrows for guidance of direction inside the school. Would we recommend them? Of course, if it is suitable to your budget.If it is not within reason to your budget we recommend allowing the school children to cut out arrows and decorate them as a class which will allow the children to be involved in the process and feel less anxious about the topic. These arrows are 400mm long and available to be customized free of charge at €14.99.

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