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Sbarro One way Contravision Window
Oneway Vison Contravision Window Graphic
Oneway Vison Contravision Window Graphic Back side
Contravision Oneway Graphic

One Way Vision Film

One Way vision film is a perforated window film that changes your windows into a one way see through window, usually it works by applying self-adhesive film to the glass. It is commonly used on car wraps, shop front signage and as window graphics etc.

It works by Having a black backing which covers the printed areas on the on the film while at the same time not blocking the transparent areas which are little tiny cut out circles which help achieve the one-way vision.

Benefits of one way vision can be endless. One way vision can be used for privacy, heat & glare reduction, advertising campaigns, design & other options. One Way vision film can have any graphic applied to suit your needs.


One-way vision film can be seen in many locations, its commonly used on car windows, office space windows, shop front signage, window displays & more.

Check out the gallery of some of the work we’ve done with one-way vision film!

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