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Monolith Indoor Directory Signage
Monolith Directory Signage
Outdoor monlith directory signage

Monolith Signs

Similar to the ‘Post and Panel Sign System’ in that they provide a fast and simple solution of creating professional, sleek and modern branding of a premises or creating an effective directional system. The system consists of hollow aluminium extruded lengths which sandwich a metal sign panel, available in varying lengths which can be custom sized and powder coated any RAL colour of choice. Commonly used by all types of business usually located in car parks or entrance areas. These have the option to be internally illuminated whereby a Perspex sheeting would be substituted for the metal to allow light to emit through the graphics applied to the face.


Typical uses:

High Profile Signage eg Corporate Signage, Industrial Estates, Hospitals, Education, Developments & Government Buildings.

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