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Projecting Lightbox Signage SOL
Projecting Lightbox
Projecting Lightbox for Pharmacy
Auctioneer Projecting Lightbox

Projecting Lightbox

Projecting Lightboxes are a prominent feature on a lot of shop fronts. It’s a popular choice among high street retail. Projecting Lightboxes usually sit above your shop front so that customers can easily locate and find you easily.


It can be extremely beneficial for business as it makes you stand out in day and night as the graphics work in daylight and are illuminated as the sun starts to set. The lightbox comes in different forms (modern, traditional, pharmacy cross etc). It makes you easily identifiable, it’s a way finding sign solution, you are visible from a distance, its directional, used instead of facia and it’s a good design to have on a shop front.


Lightbox signage is a really popular and good way to communicate and promote your business.

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