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Traditional Projecting Sign
Traditional Style Projecting Lightbox
Pharmacy Green Cross- Animated Green LED Cross - Projecting Green Cross
Pharmacy Cross Installation
Projecting Lightbox
Pharmacy LED Cross Signage_Pharmacy Cros
Projecting Pharmacy Cross - Installed at
Pharmacy Cross - Projecting, Double Sided Pharmacy Green Cross
Projecting Signage MEtal
3D Illuminated Shop Front Signage, Beshofs
Traditional Projecting Signage
Custom Made Projecting Signage Metal

Projecting Signage

Projecting Signage is a really popular and good way to communicate and promote your business. Projecting signage usually sits above your shop front so that customers can locate easily.


Projecting Signage makes you very easily identifiable to customers and gives you a place to stand out from the crowd. Projecting Signage comes in many forms and has many variations: daylight signs (non illuminated), modern, traditional, metal scroll, banner metal & more.


Projecting Signage are extremely popular among the high-street retailers as it is so beneficial for the company/business as it is a way finding signage solution. It makes you easily identifiable, it’s a way finding sign solution, you are visible from a distance, its directional, used instead of facia and it’s a good design to have on a shop front. Most popular projecting signage you might be familiar with is the pharmacy green cross. Note planning permission is required before you erect any signage on your building. It would also be best to contact your landlord if you are a lease/rental tenant.

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