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Covid19 Signage for Office - Everything You need - Download Brochure Now

DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE click below 'Office Setting Covid19 Signage Pack'

We've covered all covid19 signage requirements you might need to get your office back to a safe, efficient work environment. We have covid stickers for walls, floors, carpet along with desk screens and free standing information stands. All our covid stickers have a removal adhesive so can be easily removed in time with little residue but are also finished with an anti slip laminate.


We have a covid 19 sanitation stand available in a range of sizes which can be customised to order also.

  • Toilets

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Lifts

  • Staircases

  • Lobby area

  • Canteen

Office desk sneeze screens are very popular. The covid19 sneeze screens amde from plastic (perspex, acrylic, solid composite, frosted acrylic) offer some form of piece of mind to individual staff members as they work with others or customer facing. We offered a range of decorative designs to brighten any office and add some interior style to your workspace. We have design available or can custom design for individual needs.

The presence of educaitonal covid signage will ensure all staff, customers and visitors are educated on the best method to prevent the spread o the covid19 virus.

Download the brochure on the link above and you can shop on line for most items or contact us directly 018623852 or

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