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What social distancing signage will my business need to operate safely during 'COVID19 Pandemic&

Below you can click on the Social Distancing Signage Brochures that will help guide you to prepare your business to operate within the government guidelines. What signage you implement for your business will depend on the type of:

1) Industry

2) Government restrictions implemented

2) Social & sharing interactions between staff, visitors and customers required to function efficiently and effectively

Below are just social distancing signage ideas please ensure you will need to follow government legal requirements for your individual industry.

Select the brochure depending on your business type. Building site, Food or General Retailer, Office Setting, Warehouse/Industrial Unit or a Care Home or Hospital. Social distancing signage required will vary by interaction. A site walk through, playing out general day to day scenarios involving social interactions or contacts through shared documents or equipment by staff, customer or visitor will give you a check list to action to create a safe workplace for all. We've had to change procedures and streamline interactions in our factory so every business will have its own unique requirements along with the standard more common practices.

We've compiled separate brochures to make decision making and ordering social distancing signage and new procedure notifications that little bit easier. As each business may have specific needs our graphic designers we'll be able to customise designs as needed, adding logos etc. Our social distancing signage can be produced as

  • Social distancing floor stickers for indoor use with anti slip laminate

  • Social distancing decals for rougher terrain like carpet or pavement

  • Meeting room social distancing wall signage to denote max persons to ensure 2m distance

  • Toilet signage to convey new procedures to ensure 2m distance

  • Lift signage to convey new procedures to ensure 2m distance

  • Lobby or communal area free standing information stands

  • Sanitation Stands to ensure everyone is following guidelines on how to prevent the spread of the COVID19 virus.

  • Privacy screens for communal spaces

  • Q management systems

As its a changing situation we will update our brochures regularly with any new covid19 signage additions to enable our customers to action any additional requirements.

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This is not forever but it is important that the messages are read, understood and followed so its done right and the virus is prevented from impacting your business anymore than it has already.

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