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Pharmacy - Signage is a Big Topic

Retail pharmacy owners are taking a very proactive approach to their visibility. It is refreshing to see no one is complacent and they understand they have to give the customer a reason to visit their store both from a branding and customer service perspective. I can see a real concern for the shops exterior appearance and the effectiveness of the interior layout. Pharmacy owners see the value strong branding, clear service communications along with interchangeable category signage can deliver to create a better shopping experience. Its great to see independent pharmacist really maximising their store visually and feeling confident to compete with the larger players in their territory. We work with both groups and independent stores. With the independent operators I like to find out what is unique about their pharmacy and ensure this message is clear to passing footfall creating an interest to enter and shop. Contact 018623852 to arrange a store visit, we offer a nationwide service.

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