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Pavement Signs - The Silent Seller

One of the most common tools used in advertising these days are pavement signs. You will probably not be aware, that there are many different types to suit a variety of specific business needs. When you look around you will find that these signs are almost everywhere you look, silently passing on the message and benefit of your product or service to the passing customer.

Here at Signarama Dublin, we provide two distinct types of mobile outdoor signage panel signs and poster signs.

Panel signs are a slightly more permanent solution due to the fact that the design is printed on vinyl and attached to the aluminium panel itself. This type of sign is most suitable for a brand or company logo that will not need to be changed regularly.

The poster option is a slightly more expensive but more versatile product. The benefit of this option is that you can get posters printed and be able to insert these into the frame itself without the need to get the whole sign stripped and reprinted. They also come with the option to custom colour the frames using RALs or Pantone.

Panel Signs

A Frame (sandwich board)

This is a lightweight aluminium frame that folds flat which is ideal when storage space is an issue. It is best used in a sheltered area due to the lightweight construction. Ideal for an arcade location or where, space is an issue.

Swinger – This is the most popular type of panel sign due to the fact that the sign is equipped with a heavy base, which enables this sign to be used in an open area giving a wider use than the A frame sign. The panel itself is attached through the use of clips which suspend from the frame itself, another benefit of these types of sign is that you can add what is called a “Tactical Header” which is attached as the name suggests to the top of the frame giving an option to add special offers

Chalkboard – These are an attractive option which give a handmade or traditional feel due to the wooden construction and adds a bit of personality to most stores. The main areas in which these are used are cafes, restaurants and pubs due to the instant changeability. These have double sided panels that can be removed to enable easier updating.

Option 2 Poster Option

Swinger - All the benefits of the Panel version plus the versatility to rapidly change the posters.They also come with the option to custom colour the frames using RALs or Pantone.

Signmaster – This is the most popular of the poster option signs. A heavy water fillable base and heavy duty mounts ensure that this sign can deal with an increased wind in exposed areas. It also comes equipped with an attachable handle and wheels to help manoeuvre the sign. Ideally used in a forecourt or semi-permanent exposed location.

Signmaster Plus – All the benefits of the Signmaster plus the option to use the high strength back panel , which can be for used with dry wipe and liquid chalk pens to give an even greater variety of uses. Again this robust sign is ideal for an open or exposed area.

For more information on how to produce the most effective signage for your business please contact a member of our expert sales team today 01 862 3852 and we will guide you through the entire process from material, size, content, design layout, lighting and fitting.

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