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High Grade Social Distancing Graphics

NOTE: For maximum longevity there are specific application instructions. Signarama cannot take responsiblity for graphics that lift due to poor application. Please follow instructions supplied with order. Any queries please contact us at the time of application and we can help and advise. 

- 800mm Long

- Sold Singularly 

- High Visible Circle Pavement Warning

- Finished with Anti Slip Laminate

- Short Term Solution

- Suitable for Concrete, Stone, Carpet

- Suitable for Carpet + Outdoors 

- Easily Removable


Supplied with Application Squeegy, Clearning Solution, Liquid Bottle Dispenser, Instructions

Graphics will Only Adhere Fully to a Clean Surface with Heat

Social Distancing Outdoor Stickers, Verical, Anti Slip - 800mm Wide

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