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New PSA regulation: Since Jan 2021, if a PSA licensed security operator is installing, repairing or carrying out maintenance works on a customer premies they are required to display a sign with their contact details to alert others they are currently on the premises.


Corriboard is a light weight, rigid plastic that will easily store away in a company vehcile and can be prompted in a window when technican is on site . Why not purchase a pack of plastic ground spikes for use in soft ground too. We offer FREE customised design. All we require is a high quality company logo and any relevant brand guidelines.


Corriboard is an ideal material

  • Inexpensive
  • Outdoor + indoor use
  • Rigid suface
  • Customised text and logos for FREE.  
  • Use plastic ground spike for soft ground
  • Fixed to walls or railings 


Security Company Work Underway Signs

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