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Social Distancing Reminder -Wall or Glass Stickers

Available in a Range of Colours

General 2m Meter Rule Visual

Every Employer Must Ensure Adults Adhere to Social Distancing 

Industry: Retail, Office, Industrial, Warehouse


Dimensions: 600mm x 662mm 

(Can be made to specific sizes - call 018623852)

Individual Priced at €39.99


- High Visibility Design 

- Short Term or Long Term Solution - Vinyl Easily Removed without Residue

- Suitable for Glass, Smooth Painted Wall, Tiles, Laminate Doors, Mirrors, Outdoor Smooth Surfaces

- Not Suitable for Carpet or Outdoors Rough Ground


Supplied with Instructions

Graphics will Only Adhere Fully to a Clean, Highly Smooth Surface


School Social Distancing - Wall/Glass Stairwell Icon Graphic

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