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Magnetics Signage


What is a magnet and how does it work?


A magnet is a piece of metal which creates a magnetic field around an object and it can either attract or repel an object. They are used everywhere and in a lot of things that we interact with every day, headphones, telephones & fridgesetc. Magnets have a north pole and a south pole, they work by attracting to each other, there is a saying about this - like poles repel, unlike poles attract.



What are the purposes & advantages of Magnets on vehicles?


Vehicle Magnetics can be used to communicate companies and businesses using removable magnetic graphics that are held on the vehicle. Magnetics can have any graphic applied to the vehicle and it can be a great option depending on your request.


The benefits of magnetics are that they use a UV Coating which is clean to handle and it prevents marking of the sign, they are interchangeable, they can be used for security reasons, you can share the magnetics across multiple vehicles and can be applied to different locations on the vehicle. View an example of reasons why magnetics are used on vehicles:


 eg. A Carpenter has expensive tools in his van but wants to promote his business, for security reasons he uses the magnetic sign when he is driving around and puts the sign away when he is away so that his van isn’t targeted.


eg. A taxi driver uses his car as a taxi for business but when he is home his partner uses it for their own personal use, instead of having permanent graphics his partner can remove the graphics.


Be aware that if you can remove magnetic vehicle signage, anyone can. Magnetics on vehicles can be taken off by anyone, it can be costly as it is a specialised material, it does not work on certain surfaces like aluminium, only steel.

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