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Table Restaurant Illuminated Foam PV
Cash Gold illuminated PVC FOAM
Rathgar Bathrooms Illuminated Foam
Rathgar Bathrooms Illuminated Foam

Foam Illuminated Lettering


Traditionally to produce high end signage such as halo effect lighting around shop front lettering a hallow 3D metal character would be painstakingly hand crafted from aluminum or steel and power coated to the colour of choice. The light sources either neon or LED would then be housed inside the metal character to protect the lighting from the elements. Now we are delighted to be able to offer our customers an LED lighting option available in a range of colours that no longer needs to be enclosed or sealed from the elements. The LED is completely robust and durable enough to be fixed to the reverse of any material. With a manufactures guarantee of 5 years LED. It doesn’t create that smooth continuous line of light like neon but this disadvantage is out weighted by the multiple gains.

Foam PVC accepts paint well and can be painted any Pantone or RAL colour required. It is an extremely economical alternative to 3D metal lettering. It has the versatility to recreate individual elements of a design with ease as the material can be custom routed to a design agreed with a straight, rounded, beveled or prismatic edge finish. The individual characters of the designed signage are CNC routed for exact precision. 




10 Years +

User Groups:

Retail Shops, Restaurants, Bars


Cost effective, Stunning Finish, Versatile


LED nodules secured to the reverse of the PVC character

are no comparison to the light produced when housed in

a metal letter with an appropriate tray back or

opal face to diffuse the light to produce a more fluid light

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